Audio described version of Issue #2: The Stuff of Drag

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If you’re looking to access Louche magazine in audio format only, this is for you! Here, you’ll find a fully audio described playlist version of Louche mag Issue #2. This includes the entire contents of Issue 2 read out loud, with image descriptions, ad libs and performative flourishes from our host of drag readers. The aim of this playlist is to capture the campy spirit of the printed mag, but in audio form! We even have a techno pop jingle (apologies ahead of time for the earworm). 

This product is for access to the audio file only. Please note, if you buy a copy of the printed mag, you will automatically get access to the audio playlist, so only buy this product if you don’t want a copy of the print mag.

Reading and audio description from: Georgeous Michael and Martha K Margetson

Additional readings from: Amelia Abraham; Izzy Aman; Tito Bone; Corinne Cumming; CYRO; Queer Ecologies; Umber Ghauri; Jake Hall; Sin Wai Kin; Kallum Király; Emma Kroeger; Just May; Orlando Myxx; Hardik Mistry; Indy Nile; Brooke Palmieri; Tommy Rimmerson; Prinx Silver; and Loose Willis.

Edit and sound design by Lucy Evans.